Wheesung - how charming

Yo, Friends Cut!

Mostly people whose usernames I couldn't even recognize and those who've been on my friends list for a while because they're cool, but we just didn't hit it off. Remove me, as well~

And for people who have me one-way friended, you should know that I post graphics at loveisdelicious and media at koiyake. So add those journals, instead, and de-friend me, please!
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Heechul - Seductive

Nikkan Collabo-Party "Rokugo de Yahoo!"

Went to the Super Junior T event in Shibuya today~!

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My journal has become some kind of con report journal... D: I would post personal stuff, but I've been so ridiculously lethargic outside of fandom, lately. Oh well, I've got a break from events until December 1st (KINKI KIDSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG!!!!!!!). I'll post a life update soon~ This is more fun, though.
Big Bang - rainbow

stand up tour 2008

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Let me say that I don't know why in the world they've only recorded one song in Japanese (that I know of). Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri speak excellent Japanese. This after watching the Super Junior Premium event in Japan XD. Seriously, they were amazing. And it seemed like it was off the top of their heads, too, though I'm sure they rehearsed a little. I'm just saying that if SJ is allowed to sing in Japanese, BB should definitely do it, too.

Oh and Daesung has a voice for days. He can just belt out the most beautiful tunes after dancing his butt off. Awesome. Taeyang sounds really good live, too.

Now I am going to sleep because it is 3am and everything hurts.
SakurAiba - Lean on You

friends cut D:

I cut some people earlier today.

I figure it's a good thing because:
  • We didn't really comment each other, and I had the feeling you weren't that interested in my journal.
  • You probably wanted to cut me, but you were too nice to do it.
  • You hadn't posted in a while, and we never really got to know each other, anyway.

If I have done some TERRIBLE INJUSTICE, feel free to slap me upside the head and comment here. ♥