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stand up tour 2008

LET ME TELL YOU. I went to a NewS concertParty in Sendai last weekend, and it cannot even compare (maybe that had to do with all the NewS fans pwning me at furitsuke and lyrics because wtf I know the lyrics to all of two NewS songs). This concert was brilliant and sparkly (and I could sing along~~~). I'm so excited still that I'm actually starving (and it's midnight), but I have to write all of this out before I forget it.

I went to the second show at 7pm at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo.

On the way to the Event Hall

I got up there and half the girls had on Big Bang hoodies and shirts, so I wandered around for a good half hour trying to find where they got them from, before I realized that you could only buy goods after the doors to the hall opened... so either they were all there for the first show, or idek. I'm actually really mad at myself for not going to both shows. D:

The venue~

My view (sorry for the blurriness, but I feared for the life of my camera!)

So before the show they played various MVs for an hour after the doors opened. Gummy's "I'm Sorry", BB's "Number 1" and "Haru Haru", TaeYang's "Look at Me" and "Prayer", YGMA's "Tell it to My Heart" (which I hadn't heard before, but fell in love with despite that chick's annoying voice), and some others that I don't remember.

Show was supposed to start at 7, but it started somewhere around 7:15pm.

THIS IS THE ORDER I REMEMBER THEM IN, but memories aren't really reliable, right? I'm 100% positive I forgot songs.

With U: To be honest, I was kind of really in a daze during the first two songs. XD Don't remember anything and I kept spacing out, haha~ THIS IS WHAT BIG BANG DOES.
How Gee: See above XD

♥ A little MC with the boys saying hello and TY, DS, and SR busting out their awesome Japanese skills. Especially Taeyang, mannn. Was amazing. He really likes the word hontou XD. I think it was here where they asked to see Seungri's Number 1 dance with the hip thrusting XD. It ended up just being really adorable, haha. Daesung is even hilarious in Japanese~

Big Boy: TOP came out in this silver suit with a black shirt and blue tieeeeeeeeee XD. Killed it. Him and his group of boys go chasing after girls. When he was leaving the stage he did a weird/adorable little shimmy XD. Oh TOP.
So Beautiful: The three vocalists sang in white with their little mic stands~ Really cute. Then TOP and GD came out in the middle for the rap. This happened a lot for songs that TOP and GD don't begin.
Look at Me: So like Taeyang was pretty hot in this concert XD.
Prayer: I think it was this one where he laid on his back and humped the air for a couple thrusts, hahaha ♥ He danced so well~
Make Love: Another one where GD and TOP made a grand entrance in the middle.
A Fool Who Only Has Tears: Oh, nostalgia. This one had the vocalists singing beautifully and TOP/GD coming out at the end. No onstage cars, mannnn.

♥ ~dance battle~ Um, yeah, I was confused here, too. I guess BB needed a costume-change break.

Haru Haru: I wanted to see a re-enactment of the fight in the MV, but no go. They just danced, but the audience certainly loved this one.
Heaven: This. Just. Ugh. This is my favorite song by Big Bang. Started with TOP and GD doing their rap thang on an elevated stage an walking down to join the vocalists in a dance.
We Belong Together (Remix): THIS was adorable. Started out with only GD and TOP. They were on the extended stage and made their way slowly up to the main stage with weird dorky footsteps XD. And then GD kind of psycho danced with the backup dancers, hahaa. GOOD remix. Nice and fast. I think this is where GD did a back flip in the middle of the extended stage using his hands, and then YB did one without hands XD. Competition~
'Yuki no Hana' Special Stage: This sounded phenomenal. Seungri's pronunciation is awesome. And he's so cu~te singing a love ballad :3.
Come Be My Lady: BEST PERFORMANCE of the show. OK, this song is just a ton of fun, right? They had a video in the background with the lyrics and a little vector of the boy who speaks the words... hard to explain, but it was really cute. And Seungri's little "so so cold" was just adorable. X3
Everything: Taeyang began this song by himself and sounded dynamite. They had vector images of all the members on the screen behind him. Seungri came out, then Daesung (sounding amazing, as usual), and they formed a little triangle of singers ♥ Then TOP and GD came out for their raps. I love this song.
La La La: Only Daesung lifted his shirt up ;o; Come on, at least Taeyang, who shows his muscles every second, should have~

♥ Here they said they needed a break... and introduced D.A.N.N.Y!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was expecting it, but it was still amazing! TaeYang introduced him as his English teacher :3. And he said it in perfect English!
Taebin came out with brown hair and sunglasses (would have loved to have seen his eyes! What HAS he been doing lately?). He said something about a YG World Tour (????) and 1TYM reunion~ Then he sang "Without You", "The Reason Why I Close My Eyes" and 1TYM's "Hot Dduega" (jacket-less) and all was right with the world ♥

Look at Me, GwiSun: Daesung is an amazing loser, haha. But he sounds so amazing ALL THE TIME. Kid can sing. And sexy dance~
Hot Issue: GD rapped to this as part of his solo performance~ Sounded gooood.
This Love: GD spoke his only Japanese of the show in the middle of this song when the music cuts off. He was like, "Nan desu ka? Hontou ni???" XD "Oh, whatever," then the music started again, haha. GD is a bit of a crowd-pleaser! He was leaning toward the fans on the extended stage a lot while singing! Jealous!
Good Man: They sang this slow song from stools at the edge of the extended stage. Now this just sounded amazing, and with TOP in the middle of everything with his rapping... ♥
Oh My Baby: They sang from the extended stage in a little formation? I dunno, no dance for this one.

♥ Number 1 Jacket/MV shooting; They showed some clips from GD's birthday party and Daesung and his NG's XD.

Intro: From the Number 1 album, just TOP and GD~ I believe this is when TOP came out with his hot pink jacket and sun glasses. Awesome~
Number 1: Saving the best for last! Everyone was waiting for this one. Awesome dancing. A girl came out to get her ass slapped by Taeyang at the appropriate time... XD
Lies: I was totally waiting for this the whole concert, haha. I was like, they can't just NOT do Lies, can they? Somehow GD ended up with the dead animal on his head, again. Whyyyyy. TOP was wearing SOMETHING idek. It looked like he had a camel on his head XDDDD. Pretty sure he was joking with it...

♥ Video montage of all their Korean MVs on one half and their 'Making of's on the other. They've come so far ;o;

Last Farewell: Encore~
Always: Involved a lot of laying on the ground and playing around on stage, haha.


THE HOODIE. I made a HUGE mistake in only getting one, this thing is awesome and looks great! ♥

The cellphone strap. This thing is bigger than my phone XD. Gonna attach it to my bag and flaunt it~

The bandana. Didn't take it out of the plastic since it's for a friend~ EVERYONE was wearing one.

Sexy poster. Haha, I'm not a fan of the 'let's look as effeminate as possible thing', but GD looks pretty adorable in this. AWESOME poster.

And finally the concert poster! And they're huge~

Let me say that I don't know why in the world they've only recorded one song in Japanese (that I know of). Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri speak excellent Japanese. This after watching the Super Junior Premium event in Japan XD. Seriously, they were amazing. And it seemed like it was off the top of their heads, too, though I'm sure they rehearsed a little. I'm just saying that if SJ is allowed to sing in Japanese, BB should definitely do it, too.

Oh and Daesung has a voice for days. He can just belt out the most beautiful tunes after dancing his butt off. Awesome. Taeyang sounds really good live, too.

Now I am going to sleep because it is 3am and everything hurts.
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